Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Facial Scrub

A while back, I read that baking soda makes a great exfoliant. Basically, you just mix baking soda with some water until you have a paste of sorts. Since I ran out of my facial scrub a number of weeks ago, I was starting to get desperate. So, I made the baking soda scrub that I had read about. And, guess what? It works! My skin has gotten smoother after every use. It does, however, dry your skin out. But, a good moisturizer takes care of that. And a 79-cent box of baking soda sure beats a $15 tube of facial scrub. Now, you may notice from the photo that the water and baking soda separate a little bit if you make up a mix in a bottle. Just shake it up before using and you're good to go.

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