Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mini Banana Cream Pies

I made mini banana cream pies tonight in preparation for some dinner guests tomorrow. And here's how it went...

Has anyone else tried these mini pie crusts before? They're fabulous!

I cut up a few banana chunks and put them in the bottom.

Then, I added sugar free, fat free banana cream pudding and topped it with fat free Cool Whip. It's a quick, easy and not-to-bad-for-you dessert. If you're making it for company and you want it to look nicer than the above photo, I'd recommend using whipped cream from a can (not a tub). That's the only thing I'd do differently. I also had a ton of pudding leftover (since I made two boxes worth), so I made a banana pudding dessert to bring into work tomorrow. It got rave reviews last time and I'm hoping it will brighten my co-workers' Monday.

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Sydney said...

I always thought I hated whipped cream, but it turns out I just don't like the premade stuff [or the "edible oil product"]. These days we make our own whipped cream and it's so easy [plus, you can add in vanilla or other things to flavour it]. But also probably like 100 times more fattening.

I've never seen those little pie shells before - they are darling. I loathe making my own pastry.

I have an amazing recipe for low-fat banana and chocolate cream pie!

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