Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Tradition

As I've mentioned before, the hub and I have a tradition of making Christmas ornaments for one another. We haven't gotten too crafty in previous years, but I've been on a silhouette kick lately and I thought that we could roll up our sleeves & come up with something a little different this time. I went to the craft store and picked up a few pieces of scrapbook paper that caught my eye. I also grabbed a few wooden ovals and a thicker piece of textured black paper for the actual silhouettes.

The supplies
(minus some Mod Podge, an exacto knife and a bit of ribbon).

We traced the larger ovals on the patterned paper and the smaller ovals on the solid paper with an exacto knife. We then applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to the wood and carefully placed our paper cut-outs on top, making sure to smooth out any air bubbles.

We also used a thicker layer of Mod Podge to glue the small oval to the large one. A thin layer also secured the silhouette cut-outs. After everything was dry, we glued a small piece of ribbon to the back of the ornament.


To hide the ribbon and make it a little easier on the eyes, we also put a patterned paper cut-out on the back.

I know that they're not necessarily Christmas colors, but I just love them. This was a relatively easy project, although I will say that the silhouettes gave us a run for our money. Nate lucked out and got mine on his first try. But, between the two of us, we had a tougher time with his. Even so, we had a lot of fun making them together... and all for about $4!


Annmaree (EmuUpAGumTree) said...

I LOVE these Cameos, so cool!

Jen S. said...

Thanks so much. :)

Mod Podge Amy said...

You got a man to craft! Kudos to you. And I love things that are non-traditional Christmas colors. You rock!

Sydney said...

I like these...but I don't like my own silhouette! If I had better features I might give this a try...but I'm up to SIX ornaments on my tiny tree!

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