Saturday, February 27, 2010

Become a Donor!

Hi friends! 
All of the auction items have been listed and are up for grabs! 
Thank you so much for your bids so far. I can't tell you how very much I appreciate it. With your support, I'm hoping for a big success!

In addition to the great bids that have been coming in, I also have an offer for those of you wanting to make a monetary donation. I've divided donors into three categories.

Sweet donor - $5 donation
Super Sweet donor - $10 donation
Super Duper Sweet donor - $20+ donation

As a thank you for your contribution, you'll be entered in a special giveaway! I've assigned fun homemade gifts to each of the categories. With a donation, your name will be entered in your respective category for a chance to win! You can, of course, make any size donation whenever you wish, but the giveaway will be running from now until midnight on Friday, March 5th. I'll announce the winners on Saturday, March 6th.

How to enter:
Go to & click the "Send Money" tab. Type into the e-mail box. Enter the amount that you'd like to donate & click the "Personal" tab. Choose the "Gift" option and click "Continue." That's it! Easy peasy!
After you've made your donation, just e-mail me at so that I can add your name & contact information to my giveaway list. The winner will be chosen via

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