Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday's Auction Winners!

And the winners are...

Kim with a winning bid of $30,

Jaclyn with a winning bid of $30,

Kevsgirl16 (I need your contact info!) with a winning bid of $12,

Kevsgirl16 (again!) with a winning bid of $21,

and Melissa with a winning bid of $15!

That would bring the auction's running total to $377...
EXCEPT that Amy has very generously offered to also honor the second place bidder on her wonderful wall words, which adds $30 more to the total.
So, $407! 
But, it's not over yet! 
You all still have a chance to win a fun handmade gift by making a $ donation. So, if you didn't get what you wanted, don't fret! Just click here to learn how you can be entered to win. Originally, I had planned on making the sweetest donor contest run through tomorrow, but I'm going to extend it through Sunday, March 7th. As I said before, you can, of course, make a monetary donation via PayPal at any time, but the winners will be announced on Monday. :)

Dear winners,

You can read instructions on how to make our donation via PayPal by clicking here. After you've made your donation, I'll contact you for your shipping info. Thanks a bunch!


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