Saturday, August 14, 2010

Veggie Sandwich

The absolute best time to make a veggie-based meal is when you've just gotten back from the farmers market. Everything is so fresh looking/smelling/tasting! This was my dinner tonight and it was deeelish! It might even be my new fave.

I just piled a bunch of veggies (cucumber, tomato, pickle, sprouts & red onion) on some Italian "everything" bread. But, do you wanna know the secret ingredient? Well, do ya? There are actually two. I put some roasted red pepper hummus on one piece of bread and some avocado spread (mashed avocado, lime juice & salt) on the other. Yummm! The remainder of the avocado made for some really good guac. I swear, I could eat avocado every single day of the week!

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