Monday, December 6, 2010

Baked French Toast

We had baked French toast for dinner last night & it was goood. It was my first time baking it & I'd definitely do it again. I mean, who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?!

The recipe that I used was actually for Boozy Baked French Toast, but I altered it a bit. First, I halved it, since it was just for the hub & I. And instead of the Bailey's, I used a teaspoon of almond extract & a teaspoon of vanilla. (On a related note, almond extract is one of my favorite smells in the entire world.) I used vanilla almond milk & since it's sweet enough by itself, I omitted the extra sugar. I also sandwiched some sliced almonds between the bread slices & threw a handful on top for good measure. Add some (non-sifted, if you're lazy like me) powdered sugar & syrup and you're good to go! The end result was French toast that was more of a bread pudding kind of texture instead of what you would expect from traditional French toast. So, consider yourself warned. It's most definitely worth giving it a try, though. I might even switch things up & try some fresh fruit next time. :)

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