Thursday, March 31, 2011

Color Coded

We're always on the lookout for little ways to make a big visual impact in the apartment that we call home. I just can't wait to have walls that we're able to paint someday. But until then, we make due. We're in the process of trying to sell some of our furniture. And when I made mention of it on Fb, a friend requested a photo of our entertainment center/tv stand. So, I quickly snapped this and slapped it on my wall.

And it got me thinking about how terrible our bookshelves look. They were really just a jumbled mess. Plus, I realized that we had never put any of the books that we received as Christmas gifts on our shelves because there had really been no room to spare. So, they were littering various surfaces of our apartment and things were just disorderly in general. 

When the hub & I were thrifting last weekend, we stopped by a store that was color coded. It was an absolutely giant space filled to the brim with aesthetic delight! We both loved it. So, I asked him what he thought of color coding our bookshelves. And he was on board!

(Sorry for the photo quality. There aren't very many good angles/light to choose from in the apt.)

It ended up taking a little longer than I thought it would, but it makes me so happy to see, which made it totally worth it. :) And as an added bonus, I feel like I got some spring cleaning done by cleaning the back of the bookshelves that had been collecting dust for quite some time. Hooray for two birds!

Anyway, I just thought I'd pass this along in case someone else was interested in sprucing up their bookshelves. Happy organizing!


Jaclyn said...

OMG that looks amazing!!!! I'm so, so stealing that. Bravo, Jen!

Sam said...

love it!! am so stealing that idea too lol

Emily said...

my bookshelf is organized the exact same way! love ideas that require no additional money yet are super creative. :)

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