Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby Shower Poms

My mom-in-law & I threw a surprise "sprinkle" for my sis-in-law/bro-in-law tonight. Since it's their third, we didn't want to have a full-on shower, but we still wanted to celebrate their new addition. So, we had a "sprinkle" instead. It was just a small, casual, come-and-go diaper shower kind of thing. We embraced the sprinkle theme & I made these poms for decoration.

The hub was a doll & fluffed them out for me
(since that's the part I least enjoy).

I think they added a nice touch. We had mini-vanilla cupcakes & white chocolate-covered red velvet cake balls, both topped with blue sprinkles, mini-blueberry cheesecakes, and little boxes of kettlecorn. Everything went off without a hitch & we were really happy with how it all turned out.

And it just makes us all the more excited to meet our new nephew!

If he's anything like this guy, we'll get along just fine. :)

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