Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Lamp Makeover

We're still working away on our DIY list. Our latest project was making over another set of lamps. These small lamps had been sitting on the end tables in our living room in need of a little sprucing up. Truth be told, I was never very fond of them. They were on sale and we needed lamps, so they came home with us 5+ years ago and have been bugging me ever since. So, it was about high time that we did something about them.


We decided to paint the bases to match our new color scheme. As was the case with the TV stand, we spray painted them with a grey primer & then a couple of coats of the same navy blue paint to match. Easy peasy!

Then, we picked up a 1/2-yard of grey, patterned fabric to cover the shades. The hub measured & cut a pattern out of blue wrapping paper (leaving a hem allowance). After cutting out the fabric, I ironed down a quarter-inch hem on the top & bottom, which I then folded over & pressed again for a clean look. I also pressed a quarter-inch hem for the end seam.

Carefully working my way around the top of the shade, I applied a thin line of hot glue before gently tugging each section of the fabric so as to prevent bunches. The fabric laid pretty flat with just pulling it taut and not gluing too closely to the bars. So, I left it at that. After the top was done, I just repeated the steps by carefully gluing the fabric around the bottom of the shade & gluing the seam shut.


We like them. It's true that we don't really have anywhere to set them right now since we recently sold our end tables, but we're hoping they'll look nice in our new digs. :)

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