Monday, July 4, 2011

A TV Stand

As I've mentioned, the hub & I are trying to downsize in preparation for our big move. We're holding off on replacing most of the furniture that we've sold until we arrive in NOLA, but we knew that we couldn't wait on a TV stand. With the pups running around playing tug of war in the living room everyday, we wanted to get the TV off of the floor before Wrigs or Peanut took a spill & tumbled into it.

This was the entertainment stand that we sold. It's huge & super heavy. And we are so happy to not have to move it, but it left us with a bit of a problem.

This look could only work for so long. We picked up a DVD case, which took care of our storage problem, but still left us with a TV on top of a box.

 When we found this little, old desk at a thrift shop, we thought we'd invest the $1.40 they were asking for it & experiment with it. The legs were metal (with metallic paint), the shelf was wood (also with metallic paint), & the top was plastic. After taking it all apart, cleaning it, and giving the legs & the shelf a good sanding, we drilled a hole in the bottom of the shelf to run cords through. We wiped it all down with a damp cloth, let it dry, & spray painted everything with a grey primer. Several coats of navy blue spray paint were applied to the legs, shelf, & underside/sides of the top. The top was spray painted with a few coats of grey and the hub used a wood graining tool & some blue paint to really give it a unique look
(thanks to Better After for the inspiration).  

While this was a pretty simple project, it was time consuming. With the sanding, waiting for paint to dry, & figuring out the wood graining, it ended up taking us quite a while.

But, we're really happy with how it turned out. 
A word about woodgraining - Don't try to do it outside in the hot sun. The paint will dry before you have a chance to use the tool & you will have a mess on your hands, not that we made that mistake...

We're going to be replacing our VCR/DVD combo player with a smaller DVD player. So, the Wii will fit on the shelf & be off of the floor. We used a little grey mini suitcase that we picked up at a garage sale for a buck underneath the table to hold some of our boxed sets of DVDs that we didn't want to store in the case. Now, we just have to figure out a way to hide all of our cords & we'll be good to go!

I really love how much simpler & smaller it is than our old entertainment stand. We're really going to be making an effort to make our next apartment more homey than our last few. So, hopefully we'll have more projects to share here & there as we makeover our space. :)


Jaclyn said...

This looks amazing, Jen! I love that wood-look on the top.

Lindsey @ Better After said...

Looks great! So glad you found a little inspiration over on Better After! I'm dying to try that faux bois tool myself. :)

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