Friday, July 15, 2011

Vacation Jar

When I saw this idea for vacation jars a while back, I knew I wanted to try it for myself. Unfortunately, we don't vacation much. So, I haven't had the chance. But, when we were enjoying our anniversary weekend, we thought we'd collect some sand from the beach to take back with us for our very first vacation jar. And I'm so glad we did.

We finally finished off our raspberry-rhubarb preserves the other day & decided to put the jar to good use.

So, we added the beach sand & our little cake toppers & our vacation jar was complete. We just have to add a little label to the bottom & we'll be all set. I really love the idea of making this a tradition. It's a much better way to remember a trip than a t-shirt or magnet.

PS- Don't forget to enter the giveaway (it ends Sunday night). You could win your very own set of toppers!


Ms. Jackie said...

Those topppers are just so cute! You are so creative!

Jessica said...

This is super cute!!!

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