Monday, September 12, 2011

Thomas the Train

Our sweet nephew nephew turned 3 recently & we made him a little something to celebrate. If you happen to know a little one, who is a Thomas the Train fan, here's a fairly easy idea that's sure to result in plenty of playtime...

Step One: Get a sturdy cardboard box. Cut where needed to mimic the above shape & hot glue the top flap backwards.
Step Two: Paint! (The hub & I just used regular ol' craft paint)
Step Three: Get a canister of some kind that would make a good smokestack (we used an oatmeal canister). Paint it, glue cotton balls on top, & hot glue it securely to the top of the box.
Step Four: Find a picture of Thomas' face online & blow it up before printing. Cut it out & glue it to the front. (You can also print/paint a number on the side of the box, if you'd like.)
Step Five: Secure straps to the inside of the box so that your little one can put his/her arms through & "ride" the train!

Step Six: Persuade your little one to get inside the train & put his arms through the straps, instead of just pushing it around on the floor.

Step Seven: Convince your little one to share a new toy with his sibling.

The End!

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